Water Quality Research Journal of Canada

Vol. 37 (1): 213 - 218 (2002). Environmental Effects Monitoring

Overview of the Metal Mining Environmental Effects Monitoring Program

   Charles Dumaresq, Kathleen Hedley, Robert Michelutti

The amended Metal Mining Effluent Regulations (MMER), will include a requirement for mines to conduct Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) under the authority of the Fisheries Act. The EEM program will determine if mine effluent is having an effect on fish, fish habitat and the use of fisheries resources. The metal mining EEM program strives to balance site-specific requirements with the need for national consistency. The program uses a tiered approach to monitoring, where the results of previous monitoring determine the frequency and extent of monitoring subsequently required. The frequency and extent will therefore vary depending on whether there are observed effects.

effects, effluent, mining, monitoring, regulation

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