44e Conférence régionale du CENTRE du Canada sur la recherche sur la qualité de l'eau

  • Date : 23 février, 2009 à 24 février, 2009
  • Location : Centre canadien des eaux intérieures, 867, chemin Lakeshore, Burlington (Ontario)
  • Thème: La science rencontre la politique
  • Plenary Speaker: Dr. Derek Muir - Presentation
  • Chair: Dr. Veronique Hiriart-Baer
Monday, Feb 23, 2009
Tuesday, Feb 24, 2009
Session Themes: Co-chairs:
Abstract Who's speaking? Advances in Water Treatment Technologies and Approaches Ron Hoffman, Kirsten Exall
Abstract Who's speaking? Drinking Water Source Protection Larry Moore, Simon Gautrey
Abstract Who's speaking? Effects of Groundwater - Surface Water Interaction on Water Quality Jim Roy, Allan Crowe
Abstract Who's speaking? Environmental Modeling Ferdous Ahmed, Onita Basu
Abstract Who's speaking? Genomics Data in Risk Assessments and Application in Regulatory Policies Bin Zhu, Francois Gagne
Abstract Who's speaking? Great Lakes Nearshore Water Quality Issues: Nutrient Perspective Todd Howell, Ralph Smith
Abstract Who's speaking? Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement: Special Session Gail Krantzberg, Chris Marvin
Abstract Who's speaking? Linking Policy outcomes to Science objectives Jackie McCall, Catherine Jefferson
Abstract Who's speaking? Advances in Aquatic Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Chris Jones, Lee Grapentine
Abstract Who's speaking? Advances in Wastewater Treatment Technologies and Approaches Hongde Zhou, Wayne Parker, Jim Higgins
Abstract Who's speaking? Applications of Remote Sensing and Geomatics technologies in Watershed Health Raul Ponce-Hernandez, Frank Kenny
Abstract Who's speaking? Emerging Contaminants Issues Peter Vanrolleghem and Vimal Balakrishnan
Abstract Who's speaking? Water Policy: Engaging Science and the Public Bob Sneyd
Abstract Who's speaking? Water Quality, Quantity and Conservation: Agricultural perspective David Armitage, Tiffany Svensson
Abstract Who's speaking? Bisphenol A: Technical Session Sean Backus, Miriam Diamond
Abstract Who's speaking? Bisphenol A: Special Session - Open to the Public Sean Backus, Miriam Diamond


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