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Section B: Frais d'inscription

Please check the appropriate box. All individuals must be CAWQ Members in order to attend the symposium, and registration fees for non-members include CAWQ Membership. CAWQ Membership is valid for one year, and includes an electronic subscription to the Water Quality Research Journal of Canada (4 issues per year). In order to also receive a printed copy of the Water Quality Research Journal of Canada, please see Section D. We also provide options to upgrade to a joint online CAWQ-IWA Membership in Section E.

Please note that registration may be limited by the capacity of our facilities.

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Section C: Additional Information

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Section D: CAWQ Journal Delivery Upgrade - Optional

All CAWQ Student, Retired, and Individual Members have the option of receiving a printed copy of the Water Quality Research Journal of Canada for each issue in addition to the electronic copy for an additional surcharge on their 2019 CAWQ Membership fee.

Section E: International Water Association (IWA) Membership - Optional

IWA Membership
All CAWQ Members have the option of upgrading to Joint online CAWQ-IWA Membership for a special rate. Joint membership provides a 30% savings over membership of CAWQ and IWA purchased separately. IWA Membership includes a print subscription to The Source (4 issues per year), and is valid from January to December 2019.

Journal Subscription
Joint CAWQ-IWA members may subscribe to the IWA journals at the special rates listed below. These discounted rates listed can apply to only two (2) of the IWA publications . The subscriptions are valid from January to December 2019. Online access to journals is provided for all 2019 issues and all available archives.

Water Science & Technology (24 issues)
Water Supply (6 issues)
Hydroinformatics (4 issues)
Aqua (8 issues)
Water and Health (4 issues)
Water Policy (6 issues)
Journal of Water & Climate
Water, Sanitation & Hygiene for Development
Water Practice & Technology (open access) N/A

Section F: Payment Information