Dr. Hubert Cabana

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Pr. Hubert Cabana holds a B. Sc. A. diploma in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sherbrooke (Canada). He received his Ph.D. in Biological and Environmental Engineering from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) in 2008. Since February 2008, he’s professor of Environmental Engineering, Department of Civil and Building Engineering, University of Sherbrooke.

Pr. Hubert Cabana is an expert in environmental biotechnology (mainly fungal and enzymatic processes) dedicated to the elimination of trace organic contaminants present in wastewater. In the past 10 years of research, he has developed innovative approaches for the development of enzymatic bioprocesses, such as new generation of LME-based reusable biocatalysts and bioreactors designed for their use, mainly dedicated to the elimination of emerging pollutants as well as priority pollutants such as PAHs and phenols. In addition, he focuses on the reaction products generated by the developped treatments.