The Canadian Association on Water Quality (CAWQ) was established as a voluntary not-for-profit organization in 1967 as a collection of individuals from industry, government and academia who were interested in water treatment and pollution control. Since that time, the organization has evolved to include engineers, scientists and managers who are directly involved in issues surrounding water quality. The objectives of the CAWQ are to:

  • promote research on the scientific, technological, legal, and administrative aspects of water quality and of the control and treatment of water pollution,
  • further the exchange of information and practical application of such research for the public benefit, and
  • promote the goals and objectives of the International Water Association (IWA).

The activities of the CAWQ include, but are not limited to:

  • publishing the Water Quality Research Journal of Canada,
  • organizing and promoting regional and national symposia on water quality and water pollution research in Canada,
  • co-operating with other organizations which have similar objectives and interests,
  • representing Canada on the IWA Board thereby: presenting and promoting the goals of CAWQ to the IWA, including the promotion of Utilities-related activities, presenting Canadian views on the policies and activities of the IWA, and participating in the activities of the IWA and undertaking various assignments related thereto,
  • promoting Canadian individual, corporate and student membership in the IWA,
  • promoting IWA conferences in Canada,
  • providing editorial services as required for IWA publications,
  • providing competent reviewers for papers submitted to IWA symposia, conferences, and publications, and
  • providing moral and financial support for Canadian participants in IWA activities.

CAWQ has a strategic plan for 2014-2018.

The activities of the CAWQ for the past year are summarized in the Annual Reports.

The latest version of the Constitution (1998), By-Laws (1998) and Privacy Policy (2004) of the CAWQ are presented below.